Jacob Rees Mogg Speaks at Lewes Conservative Dinner

Jacob Rees Mogg was the guest speaker at a Lewes Conservative Association dinner hosted by Lewes MP Maria Caulfield held at the East Sussex National Hotel on Thursday 31st May and attended by our partners Chris & Julia Lawson. He spoke extremely eloquently to an audience of over 250 diners including a table of Sussex University students.  Having met Jacob Rees Mogg previously Chris & Julia were pleased to renew the acquaintance when he undertook a walk round of guests during dinner.

Chris Lawson, partner of Lawson Commercial and also President of Uckfield Chamber of Commerce, with Jacob Rees Mogg MP and Maria Caulfield MP.

His knowledge of parliamentary procedure, constitutional history and law is extremely impressive and he puts forward his arguments with great clarity and succinctness. His determination that Britain should once again be in total control of its destiny making its own laws, planning its own affairs without interference from others and his support for the democratic principal is heartfelt. He puts forward his views in a calm and straightforward manner with no reference to notes plus he took a significant number of questions from the floor and answered them which tends to be a novelty from a politician. It was a most enjoyable evening.